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Updating My Operating System (Er, My Brain)

Sometimes I feel like my brain is in my hands instead of my head where it should be. 

Like most of the population, I’ve grown very attached to smart technology. To a great extent, I trust these devices to store, process, and make information available when I need it. That’s not an unreasonable expectation. That’s their intended function. However, an issue lies with me, in that I have allowed my intended function — my natural intelligence — to be greatly reduced.

Does that make me brain dead?

When I was a kid, my parents made sure that I’d memorized our home address, our home phone number, their respective work numbers, my social security number, and a few emergency contact phone numbers. 

These days I still know my parents’ phone numbers, as well as those of my younger brother and boyfriend. I’ve memorized my home and work address, my work and mobile number, but I’d be hard-pressed to know the same of my friends off the top of my head. 

A month or so ago, I was visiting my sister and we reminisced over photo albums from our teenaged days. As we went through them, I felt myself struggling to piece together certain places and times and faces. Thankfully she could remember them for me, but I was surprised that whole parts of my life had pushed back to the point of nearly being forgotten completely. 

I can’t help but wonder how much more I may have tuned out and forgotten by letting technology do the thinking for me. Will I, too, be forgotten in the process?

Exactly how much I have underused my brain? How many times have I been so focused on documenting the perfect moment instead of fully absorbing the feeling, or taking in an image through my eyes, developing it with my very own operating system? 

I was born with the most complex technology available, surely the most priceless. It’s time to use it. All else is merely supplemental.

Which came first: the human brain, or smart device? 

I know the answer — do you?


I’m an Idiot: ArmorSuit Military Shield Product Review

I’ve only had the ArmorSuit Military Shield for 18 hours and can already tell you that it’s one of the best products out there for protecting your smart device’s screen. I can tell you this with absolute assurance because I am a complete idiot.

I ordered the product on Thursday after reading about it on Digital Trends – it was at the top of the list, so naturally, I found it on Amazon and purchased it for the awesome price of $7.85 + tax. When it arrived on Friday afternoon, I was so giddy that I just had to put it on right away.

The instructions on their website are super clear and easy to follow: Basically you power off your smart device, wipe the screen with microfiber cloth, spray a spray bottle solution on the non-adhesive side of the product, then the adhesive side, lay it on, then smooth out the bubbles with an applicator. (All of the above tools come in the product’s package.). Ideally, this should be done before bed so that the product has time to dry and adhere to the screen.

Well, I did all of this last night, and was really glad to have found a solution to my screen troubles. I was about to call it a night when I randomly received a call last minute to go out with friends. No biggie, I figured; I’d just be careful with my smart phone and have a good time. So I did and all was fine and dandy.

I woke up this morning to look at my phone, as the ArmorSuit should have dried and been good to go. I really couldn’t believe just how amazing my screen looked — I couldn’t see where the screen protector ended any my screen itself began. I was really impressed with the product and geared up to give them five stars on Amazon.

Little did I know that it was definitely too good to be true, as the screen protector had SLID OFF in my clutch at some point last night. Not only that, but it had folded upon itself and adhered to bar receipts, a book of matches, and a pack of gum.

I freaked out. OF COURSE this would happen. I was thoroughly distraught. I started to peel the paper off the shield, thinking I’d ruined it — game over, time to but a new one. Then I thought, well, why not at least try to salvage it? I can always buy another if I have to. (Now keep in mind, ArmorSuit has a lifetime warranty on their products, but I would have totally purchased another because I’m that idiot that ruins things in less than 24 hours.)

So I gave it a shot and  basically did everything you’re not supposed to do:

I put soap on the adhesive side and rubbed it vigorously.

I used a scrubby pad to get the red dye from the Trident gum package off.

I lathered and scrubbed, and lathered and scrubbed, lathered and scrubbed some more.

And this product just TOOK it. There may be the teensiest scratch in the entire thing, but if there is, I can’t see it.

After a good hour of this, I was able to repeat the application steps and let it dry as I’ve been going about my chores this beautiful Saturday.

I am highly impressed by this product because it has withstood me, an idiot. I really thought I’d ruined it, but its technology kept me from doing so. Do yourself a solid and keep ArmorSuit and its Military Shield products on your radar. 10/10, would wreck again.