Me, Writing for The Past Few Days

I have a three blog drafts lined up to complete and post here, but it has taken a while because they’re not fun topics — which seems to be what people want, right? Entertainment is all about the escape, crafted with the goal of carrying the recipient somewhere that matters. 

I realize that I’m totally working to reason with myself. To be honest, the topics aren’t even that out of the ordinary — but in a sea of beauty/vegan/lifestyle bloggers, they dive into complex territory that even I’m not sure I’m comfortable with. 

Still, as much as I lack the desire to visit and revisit dim places in the name of clarity, it’s imperative in writing, creative or otherwise. Life is just one giant functional, resistance training session that hurts and weighs heavy. But humans were built to acclimate, and there’s a lot of good, even beauty, to be found there. Blessed be the buffer of self-deprecating humor. 

I often tend to express the sentiment that writers need to trust their readers and not make decisions for them. That is very important as both contributor and recipient, so that’s what I’ll work to do. New post soon, I promise.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Me, Writing for The Past Few Days

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  2. LittleFears

    We’ve all been there. I do have a 1-week rule though. If a post stays as a draft for a week, I delete it and move on. If I cant bring myself to post a topic within a week of writing it, I’m not interested in it, why should anyone be interested in it? 🙂

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    1. Linds Post author

      I like that! Not only does that keep things fresh and untangle the mind (major plus), but it also (most importantly) further respects readers by providing something created with interest. Thanks so much for the perspective.



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