Intuitive Eating is Eating — Period


The idea of “intuitive eating” has helped many recovering from eating disorders by putting a purposeful label on a naturally-occurring function of survival. However, it has also earned its place within the health and fitness world as a way to eat, usually after a fitness competition, event, or photo shoot. In fact, it has such a gimmicky sheen on it that it’s pretty much begging for clarification.

So here we go: intuitive eating is not a diet, and it is not a program. At its core, it is a well-intentioned philosophy to listen to your body’s cues, eating when it’s hungry, and not eating when it’s not.

Also known as EATING.

Therefore, in the case of the everyday individual, I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing the phrase “intuitive eating” completely eliminated from public use. Here’s why:

1. The act of eating is really not that complicated. Eating is (a) putting food into your mouth, (2) chewing or slurping it, then (3) swallowing it. Without interference, the brain and body knows what hunger means. It knows how to eat and process food — it is designed to do so. While the act of eating requires that one not ignore the signals to do so, putting the word “intuitive” in front of it is insulting to people’s intelligence. Please, let’s call a spade a spade.

2. Marketability (“shut up and take my money”). People like to feel included, and generally will do whatever it takes to rise above something weighing them down. That’s why I wasn’t shocked with “zendoodling” i.e. adult coloring books became popular within the last year. I have a coloring book myself, with some truly beautiful designs. However, I (and hopefully others) refer to it as a coloring book.


                                       Zendoodle pattern.

I just find there to be something inherently wrong in making a buck off of another’s desire to improve their lives. Zendoodling is just coloring, and intuitive eating is just eating. There’s no need for crutch words. Call it what it is.

And the final reason I have issue with this concept…

3. It’s yet another thing to obsess over. Clean eating. Carb cycling. Fitting macros. All green everything. Buzzwords galore and now — intuitive eating. With obsession comes wasted energy, and I find it very unfair that people who want to enjoy life on such a basic human level look up to influencers that irresponsibly spread this so-called style of eating.

I will say it again, one more time: intuitive eating is not a style or trend. It’s not even new. It is eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full, and hell, maybe eating a few more bites.

Intuitive eating is eating. Enough is enough.

Just eat.


5 thoughts on “Intuitive Eating is Eating — Period

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  2. Janice Wilson

    I believe that our society is very easily duped into buying anything we deem new and or life changing. BUT I don’t think we really
    care that much if they turn out to be a disappointment. We LOVE trying new products and programs. We crave the stimulation of learning new concepts. Take Zendooling. Your point is well taken that it is the simple act of coloring in a coloring book. Period! But now one also feels they are going into a meditative /relaxing state because adult coloring books are designed to be somewhat mesmerizing. So perhaps for some the claims are true. One could definitely see this as a con but there are many who see it in its new light. It came with expectations which were met. I agree that we obsess about too many things but I also think that is who we are. We get bored easily. Even when things work we go out and buy new things. Every new idea even when it’s half baked grabs our attention and often our pocket books.


    1. Linds Post author

      Love your points… especially re: coloring. It can be considered an out of place activity an adult but can take someone to the place of basic needs and development that is usually available for children. Meanwhile, nothing really changes, just that we happen to be older and with responsibility. Om a similar note, I say let’s bring back the afternoon nap while we’re at it!


  3. Jean

    For those of us who have been indoctrinated by the dieting culture, eating is horribly complicated. How lucky for you that you can just eat. I do understand your point. It’s marketing and following the money. I’m not blind to it. However, there are eating disorders and those who suffer from disordered eating who need real help. It’s important to understand that distinction before knocking something you consider as simple as eating.


    1. Linds Post author

      Hi Jean — I really appreciate your comment. This post was written from the perspective of someone who has been recovering from an eating disorder for 17 years. It is not that easy for me, but, as mentioned in the outset of the post, I have seen it applied to many who have had to readjust their relationship towards food. I am included in that, and realize that what works for some doesn’t work for all, but that it can and does work. I would like to hope that I understand your point as well. In an effort to further simplify the act of eating came the inspiration for this sentiment. Intuitive eating, simplified, is eating, and hopefully those principles in practice will lead to that in full.

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