Strength Training for the Zombie Apocalypse, Ep. 2

I’ve been putting off on writing this for a bit, largely because I’ve been feeling like a stranger in my body — a combination of hormonal fluctuations, giving in to dietary cravings, and not really caring whether or not looked good in a swimsuit over 4th of July weekend.

My favorite give-in as of late has been decompressing on the couch with a bowl of ice cream after a long day. The action itself has been great, I won’t lie; I’ve been loving it. 12/10, would do it again. But it’s been contributing to a re-creation of habits that I will gladly re-break if it means feeling more able and present.

TL;DR I’ve gotten comfortable and it just was so damn easy. But being dehydrated, sugar-saturated, and floppy long-term isn’t necessarily part of my dream board. Plus, getting comfortable is a death sentence during the zombie apocalypse.

That said, my workouts have been less about function and more about feeling better and able rather than making gains – aka cardio over progressive weight training. Neither one being right, neither one being wrong, but both to be used at one’s own discretion.

Here’s a 45-minute workout I did today, with warm up and cool down — starting with 3 rounds of the following  bodyweight circuit at 50 seconds of work with a 10 second rest (15 minutes):

Goblet squats
Step ups
Bear crawls
Diamond pushups
Static forearm plank

Followed by the following cardio sets  (30 minutes):

I0 sprinting intervals
20 minutes moderate cardio

I really enjoy the 45-minute workout in all its forms, largely because the “less time, more effort” approach seems to be both efficient and comprehensive. There’s those of us that want (or prefer) to spend hours time in the gym under florescent lights, and then there’s those of us who want (or prefer) to live life before the zombie apocalypse hits.

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 2 — Episode 3 will follow much sooner, I promise! If you haven’t “seen” Episode 1 yet, check it out here.

I’d love to hear what your favorite workouts are as of late — let me know in the comments and @ me on Twitter!


4 thoughts on “Strength Training for the Zombie Apocalypse, Ep. 2

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